Friday, January 25, 2008

Back From The Candy Shop

Sal cradling the 5'5" "Skippy" inspired Shredder
5'5" Grey Ghost Twin Keel w/ Peanut Butter Opaque

5'8 Grey Ghost Single Fin w/ Vanilla Tint

5'10 Grey Ghost Stubbie Hull w/ 10 oz Volan and clear resin

5'10 Grey Ghost San Bumps Quad Fish w/ Cedar Flex Tail
(This board was glassed with Resin X for extra flex)

5'8" Grey Ghost Dee Bump Quad Fish w/ Merlot Opaque


  1. Yo Joe, Great photos! Keep them coming...

  2. how much are looking for the stubbie? and the 5'5" keel? congrats boards look dead on...