Thursday, June 24, 2010


Ducksworth. Sitting in a rare roped off area of my mind, where only the realest of real remain. The realm where I place few, I've added Ducksworth. The residents of this area get a special kind of nod from me. Those few I speak of have earned massive respect, credit and admiration from me. Luckily, I also consider most of them friends.

Ducksworth started as a label for various quality goods, but once you get into the roots of it, it becomes so much more then that. Aaron Ginsberg, creator and president has used Ducksworth as a venue to display his creative genius. At heart Ducksworth is a designer and fine artist. The most interesting thing to me is that his work says more then just cool colors and attractive designs. The stories embedded in the designs are almost more interesting then the designs themselves. Ducksworth and I have teamed up to collaborate on a few things. Keep a look out for the Ducksworth x Grey Ghost creations.

To read more about Ducksworth check out this article at Read Convention

Saturday, June 19, 2010

remnant of winter...

The fall and winter ended up being pretty generous to us this year. Of coarse Andrew and the rest of the Kidman family were in town long enough to get more than a taste of some of the best surf we've had in a year or two. However with the Kidman clans departure was the departure of a swell streak as well. We had weeks of flatness after that. The ocean felt the same way we did I guess. The photos above are of the notorious Quevz of the flesh and foam kind. Getting it in. Pre winter 2009.

Photos Courtesy of: Alexa Miller

Thursday, June 3, 2010

more evidence..

Surf a la Quevz and his sidekick, Quevz.

Lens flexing a la Mr. Eric Cooper.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

..last week

.painted flowers by Juan Jose Heredia aka "Quevz"...they always seem to keep good thoughts and vibes in perspective.

Juan "Ghost Face" "Quevz" is the king of making the best of nothing waves! i.e. evidence above of homie blasting and slashing in one of the smaller days we had last week. Moments in time frozen and immortalized by Eric L. Cooper.

That is the original "Quevz" Model. The first one off the racks of the Casino. Its still in pretty good condition considering all the places, waves and airs its been through. Its still holding up! Keeping the dream alive!