Tuesday, July 28, 2009

the quevz model

During our magic little swell this past friday Quevz the Ghost face himself was making it happen in front of the lens while Tommy "Wave Dancer" was making it happen behind it. Big ups to Tommy for snapping some amazing photos.

Quevz won another contest on the board this weekend too. He took first place in the Masters division at Gilgo beach on saturday and won best two waves of the day. Congrats dude! Represent!

Monday, July 20, 2009

.quevz and frok.

This new Quevz model shaped for my stylish paizan Giuseppe "Frok" Giammona!

Quevz himself has been riding the board and we've been fine tuning it for maximum shredability. He just got back from Mainland Mex with "The Mini Guinea" himself, Chris "Knuckle Head" Caiazzo where they tested the board in the unfriendly black holes for Puerto Escondido. A new harder rail is being applied and the board is ready for the public and the first advocate of the Quevz way is Frok! Thanks dude! Email some photos of you shredding it!

This board is going to be the first generation quevz model that will be outfitted with 5 fin boxes and will have and option for quad.....the experiment continues..

stay tuned!

Almost forgot to mention that this was an old Clark foam blank!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dane and Dan

TSJ | POV - "Dan Malloy & Dane Reynolds Board Swap" from The Surfer's Journal on Vimeo.

Big ups the Tyler Manson. So far these TSJ / POV videos have been a real treat to watch! Please keep up the good work. This is particular video really struck me. I found it super interesting to see how these guys interact with one another and to see how they approach each board they ride differently. It gives you a better insight into who they are on a regular basis as if the camera wasn't even rolling. Almost like a surfer to surfer version of Iconoclast.