Saturday, May 30, 2009

l i t t l e * c h i l d * r u n n i n * w i l d

g r e y g h o s t X q u e v z

This is an the board I shaped for my buddy Juan Jose a while back called the Quevz model (pronounced, ke'vez not kwe'vz). This board is currently being tested and tweaked but will soon be available as a Grey Ghost model. The Quevz model will also come with an option to have the personalized Quevz paint job on custom orders. 

Shape by the Ghost. Painted by Quevz
5'6 x 19 x 2 3/8


  1. Oh my. That is the most interesting Quevz paint jobs I have seen. Nice work!

  2. thats got some serious fancis bacon style going on

  3. Damn! You guys are on some Jeff Ho Dogtown shiz!!! Amazing. Way to keep it real Clams!

  4. Such a fine art job on that microshredmachine.
    To you good sirs I tip my hat.

  5. i love the artwork on the board! so cool.