Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Popsicle

I named this model "The Popsicle". It is a shape that was born from the collaboration between my buddy Pat "The Rat" and I. I basically helped translate Pats vision into physical form. Pat is a local surfer that I've known since I'm a kid. He was like the older brother at my local break.  

"The Popsicle" 
Features a semi soft rail from nose to about just in front of the fin cluster with a slight edge underneath the roll. The bottom has slight belly in the nose with a shallow single into a deeper double under that back foot going to a rolled V just out the tail. This board will have the option for a few different fin setups. The shape is super versatile and will work with most fin setups. This prototype is going to outfitted with 5 fin boxes to accomplish a few different fin setups such as Thruster, Twin, Twin with a center stabilizer and last but not least quad for drive on the mushiest days. 


  1. looking good Clambake.
    I'm going to teach you how to color balance photos on Monday...those blanks look yellow doood!

  2. great shape..


  3. Nice looking board Joe.
    Keep them coming!