Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fresh Fins

Daniel Partch came through hard body on the fins for Kyle Talbot's sugar cane 6'9" Long Fish custom and side bites for Ken Cook's 6'0 Round Tail Stubbie. Both are in the works. Stay Chuned for the final product.


  1. Wahoo, I'm so stoked! This has been a good week indeed... even without getting in the water... but boy am I looking fwd to getting dipped... esp. the stick that's going to have those jammies.

    The funny thing is, as I was checking out Daniel's blog on my phone while rocking my daughter to sleep (convenient how blogger renders so well on mobile phones), I thought, hmm, let's now see what the Clam has dug up...

    POW!!!! What a goodie.

  2. man those sure are sweet
    should i rock some glass-ons? whatcha think my guru?

  3. Well considering the board I made you is your first hand shape and it will probably be your daily driver....I'd say go lokbox because it will be less to worry about when you travel with it. Glass ons aren't hard to travel with but you have to take some extra time in caring for how the board is packed. The decision is yours...Getting glass ons will extend your wait though. I have to order them. Let me know what you decide.